Welcome to Dynamic Construction your NJ source for professional tile, porcelain, marble, granite pavers retaining wall and cultured stone installations. For both residential and commercial environments.

About Us

At Dynamic Construction we specialize in custom Kitchen and Bath as well as Pavers, Porcelain, Marble and Granite installations.
Working only with highest quality materials, we guarantee all of our work to be finished with a truly professional style. Working throughout the state of New Jersey, Dynamic Construction handles all tasks, large or small with dedication and pride.

Previous work includes professional wall and floor tiling installation in both residential and commercial environments. Residential kitchen, bathroom and living room tile, marble, porcelain, ceramic and granite installations. As well as outdoor marble facade, paths terraces and entrances in paving stone, retaining walls and stone veneers.



Dynamic Construction   (973) 282-0282   Hillside, NJ
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